in Indian Relics

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The 11th Edition of the highly respected and collectible "WHO'S WHO in Indian Relics" series is now available.  140 collectors have elected to participate and are displaying all or part of their artifact collection, leaving a permanent record for present and future collectors.  Many of the artifacts have never been displayed prior to this book printing!

The collecting world has been anxiously anticipating the release of this addition to the Who's Who in Indian Relics history set that began in 1960. Learn about the long-time collectors and meet other collectors for the first time. "WHO'S WHO in Indian Relics" documents the collectors and their relics, creating a legacy for the future. 

This full-color, limited edition, hardbound book is 600 pages full of high quality photos of artifacts, relic rooms and interesting biographies and photos of their owners. It is representative of over 25 states.


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   The Leatherette cover compliments the other volumes

   in the existing 10 book collection. This edition also

   comes with an attractive, full-color dust jacket.

       The previous 10 editions are now out of print and 

       have become highly collectible.  Copies of past editions

       can still be acquired from booksellers and collectors at local                             artifact shows.