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WHO'S WHO in INDIAN RELICS is now a 12 edition collection of hardback books dating back to 1960 that showcases prominent and devoted collectors of authentic artifacts. It serves as an historic documentation of artifacts and their collectors, who serve as the largest body of preservationists of this genre of art and history.

This new edition is over 700 pages, including 100 pages of stored museum pieces that until now are previously unseen. There are over 130 collectors and their collections.


Author/Editor Steven R. Cooper is currently the editor for the quarterly "Central States Archaeological Journal". He is co-editor of editions #13 and #14 and editor of #15 of "The Official Overstreet Guide to Indian Arrowheads" (Random House). He has a Bachelor's Degree in History from California State University at Northridge, is a 30 year member of the Volunteer State Archaeological Society (Tennessee) and is a member of ATADA. He has also personally collected artifacts for over 30 years.

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